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Ruddigore: The Witch's Curse (2023)

Friday, July 21 at 7:30 PM
Saturday, July 22 at 7:30 PM
Sunday, July 23 at 3:00 PM

Anderson Center for the Performing Arts

The Summer Savoyards present Gilbert & Sullivan’s supernaturally comic operetta Ruddigore: The Witch’s Curse, the story of a young and virtuous nobleman seeking to escape a family curse, defy a portrait gallery full of angry ghosts, and woo the girl of his dreams.


Rose Maybud – Jana Kucera

Roderick Murgatroyd – Ked Roth

Sir Despard Murgatroyd – Annie McNulty

Mad Margaret – Kelly Roggenkamp

Robin Oakapple/ Ruthven Murgatroyd – Ethan Maher

Richard Dauntless – John Starks

Old Adam – Franklin Krongold

Dame Hannah – Jessica Pullis

Zorah – Atira Dilello
Ruth – Ziva Sodon


Adam Ruff
Benjamin Stafford
William Stafford

David Sissenstein
Graydan Kelly
Kiernan Kelly
River Pullis
Nick Merrell


Annalisa Kuklis

Barb Van Atta Krongold
Emily de la Vega
Raya Anderson
Romilly Robertson
Valerie Spiller

Production Staff

Choral Master  – Carolyn Amory

Conductor – Matthew Vavalle

Stage Director – Julia Adams

Technical Director  – Mary Donnelly

Stage Manager – Cathy McNulty

Assistant Technical Director – Gary Pullis

Assistant Stage Managers – Gary Pullis & Eirik Kunz

Set Designer & Master Carpenter – Evil James Ulrich

Charge Painters – Barbara Ulrich & Amanda Truin

Lighting Designer – Laura Kensley

Costume Designer – Julia Adams

Props Master – Richard Vollmer

Publicity – Barbara Krongold

Graphic Designer – River Pullis

Photographer – Stefanie Willette, Beyond the Stage Photography

Rehearsal Accompanist – Katie Replogle

Audition Accompanists – Sherri Strichman & Matthew Vavalle


Violin I 

– Edris Boyll-Kuzia

– Madison Cartie

Violin II 

– Alaina Domingo
– Katie Hayes

Viola – Andrew Crandall

Cello – Stephanie Borrmann

Bass – Dave Ripic


– Barry Peters
– Will Stafford

Trombone – Karla Jensen

– Denise Helms
– Nancy Clark

Flute I – Melanie Valencia
Flute II – Wendy Stafford
Oboe – Kathy Karlsen
Clarinet I – Joanne Peters
Clarinet II – Kenneth Borrmann
Bassoon – Luisa Duerr
Percussion – Gail Markstein

Build & Move Crew

Dave Barnhart
Ethan Bexley
Emily de la Vega
Frankie Haggerty
Jana Kucera
Annalisa Kuklis
Eirik Kunz
Erik Leonard
Annie McNulty
Cathy McNulty
John McNulty
Ronan O’Connell
Jessica Pullis
River Pullis
Dave Putrino
Romilly Robertson
Wendy Stafford

Amanda Truin

Barbara Ulrich
Richard Vollmer
Emma Wagaman
Leigh Ulrich
Benjamin Stafford
William Stafford 
David P. Wiktorek

And all the last-minute elves who came out of the woodwork!

Broome Arts Mirror Interview

Summer Savoyards present Gilbert and Sullivan’s supernatural comic operetta ‘Ruddigore’

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