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Interested in Auditioning?

London assurance is a play, so you will not need to prepare a vocal audition piece. Possible sides will also be given out. All auditions are walk-up.

Everyone should audition, regardless of background. 

Rehearsals start January 18.

Performance Dates are March 8 — 10 & 15 — 17.

When and Where

​Trinity Memorial Church

118 Oak St, Binghamton, NY 13905

  • Friday, January 12 — 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

  • Saturday, January 13 — 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

​Save time by filling out this Google form before the audition:


The Roles

In order of appearance...

(Presenting gender and age, but race and gender-blind casting will be used.)

  • Cool (M, any age) Sir Harcourt Courtly’s valet, also conspiring with his son, Charles.

  • Martin (M, any age) Sir Harcourt’s butler.

  • Charles Courtly (M, 25) Sir Harcourt’s son, a sometime student at Oxford, more usually a rake and eager player in London nightlife. His father, however, believes him to be quiet and studious.

  • Richard Dazzle (M, 25-40) A charming con man whose knowledge of the law (and how to flatter rich people) helps him mentor Charles Courtly.

  • Sir Harcourt Courtly (M, 50+) A foppish baronet, resident of London, where he considers himself the height of fashion and etiquette. Engaged to Grace Harcourt, many years his junior, and father to Charles Courtly.

  • Max Harkaway (M, 50+) A country squire, Grace’s uncle, and friend to Sir Harcourt. Gruff, friendly, and charming.

  • Pert (F, 20-40) A domestic worker at Squire Harkaway’s country house, and friend to Grace Harkaway.

  • James (M, any age) Squire Harkaway’s servant.

  • Grace Harkaway (F, 18) Max’s niece and Sir Harcourt’s reluctant bride-to-be. A smart, no-nonsense young country woman with no romantic deals.

  • Mark Meddle (M, any age) A country lawyer, always looking for a lawsuit to file.

  • Lady Gay Spanker (F, 30+) A country noblewoman, fond of fox-hunting and laughter, and always with “a merry devil in her eye.”

  • Adolphus Spanker (M, elderly) A country gentleman, the frequently befuddled husband of Lady Gay.

  • Cyrus Flint (M, 30+) A debt collector.

The Plot

Sir Harcourt Courtly is a model London citizen–self-obsessed, vain, and lying about his age–
who has been engaged for many years to a much younger woman, Grace Harkaway. Sir
Harcourt is the father of Charles, a drunken playboy (though Sir Harcourt believes him to be
quiet and religious). Charles has been picked up by the streetwise swindler Richard Dazzle,
who sees in the young nobleman a chance to live comfortably for a while. While the servants
keep the Harcourts out of each other’s way, Sir Harcourt is visited by his friend Max Harkaway,
Grace’s uncle, to plan for the upcoming wedding.

At Squire Harkaway’s country house, Grace disdains the idea of marriage as just another job to
complete, despite the advice of her maid and friend Pert. When Dazzle arrives at the house with
Charles in tow, Young Courtly is immediately taken with Grace, who is also intrigued by him.
She is less impressed with her first view of Sir Harcourt, but remains determined to wed him.
Charles and Dazzle have other plans: when Grace’s cousin Lady Gay Spanker arrives for a
visit, Charles and Dazzle enlist her in a plot to distract Sir Harcourt. She plays her part brilliantly,
and Sir Harcourt falls for her.

While Sir Harcourt causes trouble between Lady Gay and her husband to make room for
himself, Lawyer Meddle is sure that there must be a lawsuit in the tiff. Throw in a blunderbuss
and a creditor, and you have a rollicking fun time!

Audition by Video

If you are unable to make our in-person auditions, but still wish to perform in 2024's London Assurance, please:

  1. Fill out the audition form

  2. Upload an audition video to Dropbox


Video auditions must be submitted by 8:00 PM (EDT) on Friday, January 12th

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