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2023-08-14 Meeting Minutes


Exec. Board: Jessica Pullis, Gary Pullis, Cathy McNulty, Jim Ulrich, Romilly Robertson, Amanda Truin, Adam Ruff

~ Last meeting's minutes unanimously accepted

~ Jim and Gary will learn to sell ticket via Wix

~Cathy will set up a Doodle for debriefing

  • Sunday 8/20/23 1-5 PM

~ Exec. Board positions:

Gary Pullis - Chair

Adam Ruff - Vice Chair

Jim Ulrich - Treasurer

Romilly Robertson - Secretary

Cathy McNulty

Jessica Pullis

Amanda Truin

~ Next year Jessica, Adam, and Amanda, and Romilly will be up for reelection

~ Advisory board : 12 spots available

  • Advisory board position offer list:

    • Matt Vavalle - Wendy Stafford

    • Carolyn Amory - River Pullis

    • Julia Adams - Annie McNulty

    • Mary Donnelly - Carol Towers

    • Barb Krongold - Eirick Kunz

    • Lauren Anderson - Laura Kensley

    • Jan Kucera - Julia Mahar

~ Cathy and Gary will assemble the by-laws committee and have an update by next meeting

~ Fiscal report:

  • Deficit - $7758 total

  • No money taken from reserves

  • Some checks have not been cashed yet

  • Approximately $10,000 in reserves after everything clears and approximately $400 in checking

  • Jim will look into doing a book fair at Barnes and Noble for Holiday time

~ Gary will talk to Chris at the Anderson Center about getting in the newsletter

~ Next meeting will be held Thursday 9/14/23 at 6:30 PM at an individual's residence

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